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Katy Perry Fakes
2012-Nov-9 03:54 - Katy Perry Takes Off Pants And Stretches Pussy
Taking off her pants and showing off her pussy, Katy Perry behaves like an irreversibly spoilt young slut in this fake. The girl is clearly hanging out hunting for sex adentures, and she gets them every now and then.

katy perry pantiless fake

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2012-Jan-18 03:29 - Katy Perry Anal Fucking

Who knows what they do when the show is over? This PiPoHiX Katy Perry fake offers a comprehensive answer to the question. Having an anal fuck after a stage performace, why not?


katy perry gets her ass drilled


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2011-Dec-5 01:28 - Katy Perry Ass

One more adorable Katy Perry fake, this time featuring Katy Perry's ass. The girl poses in her luxurious boudoir practically nude, only wearing a pair of white stockings to set off her exposed curvy buttocks. What about having an anal, Katy?


katy perry poses with her ass made nude


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2011-Oct-27 07:05 - Katy Perry Boobs

Pity, only Katy Perry's boobs look great in this fake, but the sample is of very low resolution. Pity, because the faker job deserves much praise. Really impressive. Neither bra, nor bikini, the girl poses absolutely nude and her bare boobs sway with every movement she makes. Firm and puffy at the same time, these Katy Perry boobs just drive you crazy, and fit her face perfectly in this fake, too. 


katy perry boobs fake


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2011-Sep-29 06:26 - Katy Perry Hot Mistress

Hot Katy Perry fake in which she is represented as a bdsm mistress holding a lash in her hand while proudly demonstrating her bare melons and trimmed cameltoe. We are just unable to guess what's going to happen in a few seconds. Will Katy use her lash on someone's ass or turn her own hot ass for a hungry cock?

katy perry hot


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2011-Sep-1 02:37 - Katy Perry Pussy

Katy Perry looks a naughty kitten hersself in this fake, but, to make anyone crazy, she also shows off her trimmed pussy. It does not matter how well a girl can sing. If she owns a beautiful pussy and a pretty face, people will line up to get tickets for her show.

katy perry pussy show

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2011-Jul-19 22:33 - Katy Perry Sex

And again, from Katy Perry nude softcore fantasies to hardcore sex with Katy Perry. This fake image starring Katy getting fucked is presented by a guy who calls himself Maroder, and as far as we can guess, that guy comes from Russia. That label of his has a lot in common with a special tag used formerly in the USSR to mark goods of the highest quality. The pic lacks resolution, but the faker job is all in all very nice.

Katy Perry Sex

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2011-Jul-4 06:50 - Katy Perry Nude

katy perry nudeOne of the most beautiful nude fakes starring Katy Perry. Young, naked, appealing, represented with a perfectly shaped body, and moreover, obviously feeling happy about showing herself off.

This one is just a low resolution sample. You may see a bigger one of Katy Perry Nude And Smiling, too. It is worth seeing, believe us.

2011-May-10 04:17 - Katy Perry Sexy

katy perry sexyKaty Perry Sexy Fake: a sexy girl dressed in sexy clothes showing herself off to look as sexy and seducing as she can. To say nothing of a sexy smile on her face! Katy Perry's image is exploited in such an elegant sexy manner that it gives nearly no cause for her to be abused. It is just a funny sexy parody of Katy Perry, and nothing else :)

Miley Cyrus Sexy

2011-Apr-18 02:14 - Katy Perry Porn

katy perry porn


Katy Perry Porn fake. After seeing this piece of hot fucking, we cannot even choose what Katy Perry seems to be better at: singing songs or having sex. Which job is more grateful: to be a pop singer, or to become a porn star? This hardcore parody leaves few chances of making an easy choice. We can only summarize that, in a porn studio, Katy Perry does not look worse than on stage.

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2011-Apr-1 03:50 - Katy Perry Cameltoe

katy perry cameltoeKaty Perry Cameltoe Fake. Nude Katy Perry is presented sitting in an arm-chair with her legs spread, showing off her amazing cameltoe, just slightly covered with some hair and no cloth at all. An artistic pic, too, as it is striking you with the contrast of the white background and black piece of furniture (which fits Katy Perry's black hair perfectly). And the only colored spot on it is Katy's nude body with an exposed cameltoe.

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2011-Mar-18 01:20 - Sexy Katy Perry

sexy katy perryStripes in the background seem to be a popular motif in pop art, and the art of making fakes is no exclusion. And there must be a reason for that, as stripes really add a sexy touch to an image, as you may easily make sure if you take a look at this very sexy Katy Perry nude fake presented by KILO. Isn't there some kind of hypnotism about it? In other words, stripes help to strip the model in a more sexy way.

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2011-Mar-11 02:14 - Katy Perry Naked Pics

katy perry naked picsThis blog is just a selection of Katy Perry Naked Pics which can be found on the Web, fakes exclusively. We cannot add any new ones to those that exist, we can only provide them with our comment, as some pics are quite awkward while the others are made with skill and care which deserve your special attention. To begin with, here is a naked pic of Katy Perry which can be regarded as a nice job. Katy's face is not only combined with some other girl's naked body, now they produce an impression of an inseparable unit, or an original pic. A beautiful piece from Doomy Cheese company.

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